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General Rules and Conditions


Trixxo Theater
Gouverneur Verwilghensingel 70
3500 Hasselt

Tel. +32 11 299 499

Member of nv Antwerps Sportpaleis
Schijnpoortweg 119
2170 Merksem

BTW BE0461.051.688

Tel. +32 3 400 40 40

House rules and prohibitions

Purchase Policy (tickets)

Purchase Policy (VIP packages)

Cancellation Policy VIP packages for individuals

Definition: an individual is everyone who, for their own account or by extension for third parties within the domestic sphere (family and friends) and for their own use, whether in front of others, place orders without any commercial purpose.

Cancellation Policy VIP packages for companies

Definition: a company is an entity, with or without a VAT identification number, who places orders for third parties outside the domestic sphere (clients, business relations, employees)e from a specific commercial point of view.

This statement is for informational purposes only and therefore not legally binding. For more information, please consult the Dutch version. It is the only lawful accountable statement of our general rules and conditions.